Monday, May 9, 2011

Give, Inspire, Bring Hope with Simple Gestures

This evening I wandered away from Dustin's place down towards Metropolitan Market.  We had a nice dinner at Laredo's in lower Queen Anne.  But I needed to get home since I am needing to be up early, despite insomnia. Regardless I was craving a small scoop of gelato.  As I walk towards the steps down into the grocery store I see a young boy, most likely younger than 20 years old.  He was sitting holding his knees and not making any sounds or eye contact with anyone.  He had a sign saying he was homeless, hungry, anything helps.

I have been waiting for this.  I have seen many homeless and such but I have been waiting for someone who truly needs it and is not demanding about their requests.  It felt right in my gut and in my heart.  I went inside and bought him a sandwich, bottle of water, apple, orange, bag of chips and a cookie.  Not much but it is nice when you're hungry.

I made my purchase and bought my ice cream.  I don't really have any money what-so-ever to spare lately, but that didn't seem to matter at the time, and still doesn't.  I walked up to the boy and handed him the grocery bag.  I told him it wasn't much but it would feed an empty stomach.  There was a gleam in his blue eyes that read of hope.

He thanked me quietly and humbly.  As I walked away I turned back to look once more, he was peeking in the bag and pulling out one of the items to eat.  I felt great, and it was truly inspiring.  The kind of good feeling that actually makes you feel choked up like you may cry.

Today was a long and frustrating day with work and my RA.  My mother used to say to do something for someone else and it will change your view of the day and how you feel.  It was the perfect way to end the day.  I hope that he realizes that there are people who care, even strangers.  I hope that he could tell I was inspired and overjoyed to help him in such a simple way.

Even if he was a scammer, he would eat the food and be full.  Sometimes that's all a person needs.  Sometimes a person just needs a smile and an acknowledgement that they exist.  It is amazing how God influences us in beautiful ways.  Open you eyes to the world around you, regardless of your beliefs.  Help someone, even if it straps you for cash or takes a little extra time.  It'll not only make them feel good and hopeful but it will help you as well.  Try it.

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